How hard is the event? 

It’s the hardest that Nigel could make it in the confines of the Isle of Man.  Do not underestimate this man’s perverseness.  Not that we want to put you off entering!  Quote from a rider of the 2016 event: “It was my first visit to the Isle of Man and the terrain very much reminded me of Scotland, but in a lot of ways it was even tougher than anything I’ve ridden at home.  I’ve done the 97 mile West Highland Way in one go, and despite it having more “hike a bike” sections on it than the Manx 100, I would say this route around the Isle of Man was considerably tougher… It has to be one of the toughest endurance mountain bike races in the UK, if not Europe.  Not only was it an insane amount of climbing, but some of the climbs were steep and strewn with loose boulders.  I’m not exaggerating . . . boulders and rocks; not stones and gravel!  It was so difficult to keep traction on some of these climbs…. The descents too . . . wow!  Some of them were also covered in large, loose rocks.  The kind of descent where speed is your friend, but where you have to balance the benefit of speed for skipping over the rocks with the chance of a crash if you make a mistake…. It is one of the toughest things I’ve ever done in my life.  Yes, I’ve done several solo 24 hour races, even came 3rd in my category in the 24 hour solo world championships . . . but I felt more tired and beaten up than at any 24 hour race I’ve ever done.” (Derek Shank – 2016 Manx 100 mile competitor & finisher