MANX 50 | What is it?

It’s a single lap marathon MTB event covering 50km of the Manx 100 route. It starts in St John’s and finishes at the Grandstand in Douglas.

It first ran in 2016 when 33 riders tackled the event and last year the event attracted 41 riders. It’s an excellent pre End to End warm up to see where you are and to introduce you to some of the End to End route that the ’50 shares.

What terrain does it cover ?

It begins with a road section that is neutralised before a sharp ascent of Barnell that gets steeper as it gets higher. The route then pits you against the End to End singletrack through Arrasey and ultimately Glen Rushen before the ascent of Eary Cushlin.

Then the route takes you down a fantastic moorland descent into Earystane plantation. Out of here and it’s a small road section before heading into Cringle and the fantastic Blue Dot Route down to the reservoir. Of course, it’s then a climb back to the top before you descend down the Riddler. Popping out at the bottom of the Whisky Run you’ll then head across South Barrule to Solomon’s corner and traverse Stoney Mountain ultimately ending up at Renshent. A swift run down there and up through Glasshouses takes you to Archallagan.

With Douglas in sight, you head down Eairy Kelly before turning right and heading up Ballacotch.  At the top, you head into Chibbanagh popping out in Newtown.  It’s now nearly road all the way home, taking you onto the coast road into Douglas, but a nip left in Kewaigue takes you down the final awesome singletrack through a water splash and up to the finishing white line. A neutralised ride back to the grandstand will see you done.


Am I fit enough for it ?

We think this is one tough event. We also think that it is attainable for all reasonably fit cyclists. We know that every one of you will have a ball and will be begging for more when you finish…

How can I get to the start ?

There is a cycleway on a disused railway line between Douglas and St Johns. This is flat.  We also normally offer a matching service so if you need / want a lift we can try to match you up with like minded individuals.

Where can I find some more information ?

Check out the Manx100 website – www.manx100.comwhere you can find competitors handbooks on the manx 50 as well as looking at it’s bigger brother and sister.

“One of the best mountain bike events I have done on the Isle Of Man.  Very well organised, good communication, helpful organising team. A fantastic day out”.  Ian Kelly

“Just great.  A fun day out in the hills”.  Emily Looker


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