Entry fees increase on 30th June

Entry fees increase on 30th June. So get your entry in early to avoid paying the crazy early July* price.

So, what can you expect spending your hard earned wedge on an entry into the 100 or 50.

FIRSTLY, before the “what do we get” – what about just this fact – you will spend a day out on the hills riding a route that yes is there all year around. However, you would never, ever, never, ever contemplate doing unless it was forced on you! THAT IS SURELY WORTH THE ENTRY FEE ALONE.

If you enter the British Champs race on the short course, you could of course, be crowned British Champion, overall and/or in your age cats – Senior, Vet (40-49) and Super Vets (49+).

If you enter the Manx Champs race on the standard course, you could of course, be crowned Manx Champion, overall or in your age category…

And if you were absolutely mental, you could be crowned British and Manx champion….. We actually have a serious contender for this, and I do not doubt that the lady in question could achieve it.

All riders will get:


  1. Waymarked course (with love) and around 900 luminous yellow arrows and probably some red and black ones as well.


  1. GPS route to double check (but clearly if you are not going up or going down (except for the flat bit) it is likely you are off route).


  1. Front and rear race plates that are personalised to you. We can even add nicknames if you include it in your name on entry (clearly reasonableness needs to be taken into account).


  1. Free HOT food and drink back at the Grandstand organised by the always awesome and fantastic M100 catering team. Jacket potatoes, beans, coleslaw, Handcrafted cakes, pots of tea, coffee, plus other food.


  1. For Manx 100 entrants you get an awesome pair of socks. YES, a pair of  AWESOME socks. Defeet Levitator. They are being made as we speak. (DEFEET !!)


  1. T-shirt. New design and new colours for 2018. It’s going to be awesome.


  1. Stickers. Everyone loves a sticker. So we’ll give you two.


  1. A gel or maybe two. It won’t go far, but better than nowt.


  1. Beer. Yes, Beer. If you are racing the 100, one pre-event and one post finish. If riding the 50, one post finish. Note that it is “post finish”. No finish, no beer. What more motivation do you need.


  1. Medal. For M100 riders f you finish, and only if you finish, do you get a medal. For M50 riders the top 3 ladies and men are rewarded with a medal. These are not your standard, pre-prepped medals from a catalogue. These were designed by the team and are handmade by the workshop for the disabled here on the island, and then finished off by the M100 team whilst we laugh at how much suffering we put the riders through. It adds additional shine to the medals.


  1. Hoodie. OK, not really, unless you’ve paid for one. But if you have, it will be ready for collection at sign-on.

* – Nigel doesn’t think its crazy, it drives him wild with people waiting until the last minute !!