Hooded Ram | MANX 100

During 2016 a new micro brewer on the Isle of Man starting getting more and more attention.
With a keen interest in beer, and a nose for something different it wasn’t long before we had contacted Hooded Ram and drank a few pints during their brilliant brewery tours.


One thing led to another.  Chatting to Rob the brewer, the conversation soon turned to cycling and then mountain biking and of course then the Manx 100.  His enthusiasm for the beer and our enthusiasm for the event eventually led to more beer and ultimately some Manx 100 bottled beer.
The design of the label goes down to Briony & Scott Morgan who designed the ram / MTB and the tag “Thirst Aid for Manx 100 competitors”.  The official label on the back is all the work of hooded ram.
Manx 100