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Absolutely.  Check out Facebook our Website.

The competitors handbook is there.  Copy of last years route is there.  Any other queries, e-mail Nigel on or

It’s the hardest that Nigel could make it in the confines of the Isle of Man.  Do not underestimate this man’s perverseness.  Not that we want to put you off entering!  Quote from a rider of the 2016 event: “It was my first visit to the Isle of Man and the terrain very much reminded me of Scotland, but in a lot of ways it was even tougher than anything I’ve ridden at home.  I’ve done the 97 mile West Highland Way in one go, and despite it having more “hike a bike” sections on it than the Manx 100, I would say this route around the Isle of Man was considerably tougher… It has to be one of the toughest endurance mountain bike races in the UK, if not Europe.  Not only was it an insane amount of climbing, but some of the climbs were steep and strewn with loose boulders.  I’m not exaggerating . . . boulders and rocks; not stones and gravel!  It was so difficult to keep traction on some of these climbs…. The descents too . . . wow!  Some of them were also covered in large, loose rocks.  The kind of descent where speed is your friend, but where you have to balance the benefit of speed for skipping over the rocks with the chance of a crash if you make a mistake…. It is one of the toughest things I’ve ever done in my life.  Yes, I’ve done several solo 24 hour races, even came 3rd in my category in the 24 hour solo world championships . . . but I felt more tired and beaten up than at any 24 hour race I’ve ever done.” (Derek Shank – 2016 Manx 100 mile competitor & finisher

We would recommend travelling on the evening boat on Thursday or Friday, either as a cycle passenger (foot passenger, bikes goes free) (cost approx. £40 return per person).  A large number of accommodation options are on Douglas promenade which will be less than a mile from the ferry terminal and the start) or in a car (cost approx. £350), returning on Monday morning.  Link to the Ferry Company is


Flying is also an option, and we are covered by British Airways (from London), Easyjet (from Liverpool & Gatwick), Flybe (various UK airports) and Aer Lingus (from Ireland).

  • The event starts at 06:30 (for all Manx 100 events) heading North toward Onchan from the TT Grandstand, Pitlane.
  • The Manx 50 starts at 13:30 from St Johns (Farmers Arms car park)

Call Nigel on 07624 473388 or Lisa 07624 494688.  We will assist and resolve as best we can.

  • Sign on is Saturday 29th July from 17:00 until 20:00.
  • Yes there is a compulsory rider briefing, at 18:00, 19:00 and 20:00 (you only need to go to one!)

At the Race Office, TT Grandstand, Glencrutchery Road, Douglas.

We went through a whole set of emotions on this question, but ultimately decided that yes, this would be allowed.  The only stipulation is that you don’t use the support vehicle for assisting you around the route!

We offer bag drops at every 1/5 distance (approximate!) and there’s also a ½ distance bag drop being visited twice.  These bag drops can have anything (obviously within reason) included.  We have seen innertubes, gas canisters, food, drink etc.  All we ask is that your bags are clearly marked with RACE NUMBER (we will supply 3 stickers for this) and your name clearly legible on each bag (and the more unusual your bag, the easier it will be to pick out!).  Don’t use post it notes!


This year, we have decided to offer the hoodies as a separate item which can be ordered from the website and if you enter there is a significant discount from the cost which is offered during the sign up process.

  • A massive smile, pat on the back and the chance to eat your own weight in food knowing that you have earnt it.
  • A hand made medal from the Manx Workshop of the Disabled, hand finished by the Morris family team.
  • Manx 100 branded Alcohol.


  • The presentation for all events (Manx 100 & Manx 50) will be on the TT Podium at (hopefully) 18:00 on 30th July 2017.  Don’t worry if you aren’t back by this time.
  • For the British Championship event this will involve the championship jersey.
  • For the Manx Championship event, a trophy will be presented.
  • For all open events (manx 100 and manx 50), a chance to spray champagne on your compatriots from the TT podium will be your just reward.

Two answers here:

Firstly for the BC champ event, we can only offer those allowed by BC.  There are only two categories, Senior, and Veteran.  Veteran are defined as 40+.

For all other events, we will have the following categories:

  • Senior – 18 – 29th year
  • Master – 30th to 39th year
  • Veteran – 40th to 49th year
  • Grand veteran – 50th to 59th year
  • Super Grand veteran – 60+
  • Single speed

(Obviously if there are only a few competitors in a cat, we may throw you in with the youngsters or the elders!)



All this means is that you can not enter the British National Marathon Championship Event.  If you want to compete in the 100km event, you should enter the Manx 100 (km) “Open” event.