E3 Coaching

With over 12 years of writing persoanlised Training Plans E3C are writing a series of Static Training plans that you can buy and use via Training Peaks, this means you will still be able to upload your sessions and see how your session went compared to the prescribed one.  

We still conduct an athlete profile and lifestyle audit to make sure you get the plan that fits with your goal and time avaliability. 


Coaching Plans

Manx 100

Cross Country:

Areas to foucs on

-Aerobic endurance- the ability to sustain a continuous effort for a long period of time

-Short term muscular endurance (STME)- the ability to sustain anaerobic efforts

-Muscle Power- the ability to produce instantaneous power

-Force- the amount of force that can be applied on the pedals

-Speed – the ability to accelerate cadence or to achieve a maximum cadence

-Flexibility- the range of movement of joints/limbs

-Upper body and core strength 

-Reaction times 

 If you are interested in a training plan for an event that we currently do not cover please drop us an email and we will be able to create it for you.

Please email contact@e3coach.com to recieve your questionnaire and inform us which event you are taking on.